For those that wondered where the business name comes from, it's actually my first name :)

For those that wondered where the business name comes from, it's actually my first name :)

I have been photographing now for almost 4 years, most of what I know I taught myself through a lot of reading as well as learning by doing. In 2015 I tutored photography at Victoria University School of Design which has been awesome to share my limited knowledge of photography with the students, it’s also good as they share what they know with me and in that way I am constantly learning myself. Most of what I teach the students is mainly technical and helping the students to see more then what's in front of them. Photography for me is basically about people, I love shooting people, and I love meeting new people which this job has allowed me to do. I am currently tutoring a first year design paper and I am also in the process of trying to complete my masters in Design which photography is a very major component of. Looking forward to sharing it with you all once it has been signed sealed and delivered.

I like to think of myself as a visual ethnographer, documenting the world around me one photo at a time. I love capturing candid moments when people are not looking, I also love taking portraits of people and getting the raw emotive quality within them they didn't know existed.

The support I have received from family and friends over the years has been tremendous and I will forever be indebted to you all. But a massive shout out to my parents who’ve been my number one fans and to my dad who has always got something to say about any photo I take lol and for always reminding me that hard work pays off and to my dearest mother who has been a constant inspiration! Love you both.



Kiwi Bank - Events

Huia Publishers - Children's Books + Magazines

Designtree - Product Photogrpahy

Workshop e - Product Photography

Formway Design - Corporate + Documentry

Enjoy Public Art Gallery - Events

Pacific Media Network - Corporate

Harcourt's Christchurch - Commercial