Wellington Wedding - Justin + Gabrielle

Before every wedding I have done in the past, I have always been a nervous wreck but something about Justin + Gabrielle made me feel at ease in doing what I love doing. I had a fantastic time shooting their elopement in the city, and was one of the most intimate shoots I have done in a very long time. I had met Gabrielle while interning at Enjoy Public Art Gallery and she liked some of my work and got in touch with me and told me about her plans to elope in the city with her then fiancé Justin. Ecstatic to say the least, I jumped at the opportunity to tell their story through my lens. So I am very thankful to them for reigniting the fire within me to want to do weddings again, as well as allowing me to be a part of their special day, given the plethora of talent already in the capital. Wishing you both all the best:)