On Assignment in the Chatham Islands for Huia

Back in February (2015), I got the chance to visit the Chatham Islands for the first time to shoot an assignment for Huia Publishers. So with every opportunity I get to go somewhere awesome for the first time, I always make sure I take a few doccumentative photos for my own personal archives.

The landscape was really barren yet beautiful at the same time, and it only has a population of roughly around 600 people. Their main import export was farming and a lot of kaimoana and is also where the Moriori people settled back in the 1500s. In the past thought to have traveled from the Pacific but more recently discovered said to be Maori descendants who wondered the Pacific waters who settled there. There was only one local watering hole where most of the locals would congregate to crench their thirsts particularly in the summer after a hard days yakka, so of course I had to do as they do and have a vino or two. haha

The school we visited only had about 15 children, but for college, kids are sent to the mainland. I also ran into one of the men who use to run the arcade where I went as kid, so I had a good yarn with him reminiscing about the old days when we use to give him shit haha
It's an expensive trip, but if you get the chance to go I totally suggest you take it. The people are friendly and the food is just ka-pai. :)

Click the link to watch a short film about the Chathams