The Transfer of Knowledge

Last year, as part of my thesis I looked into the transfer of knowledge in traditioanl customary rituals that are used within the Samoan culture in a New Zealand context. More specifically, through the use of fa'aSamoa (the Samoan way of life) a very multivalent term that I explained further within my research it explored trandtional ways that the transfer of knowledge occurs during ceremonies.

As a research tool, I used photography to document some of these rituals, one of them being what is called in Samoan 'fa'akigi,' which transpires during a wedding. This ritual specifically involves the giving of the bride over to the grooms family.

The documentation process focuses mainly on the actions of those surrounding the ritual, not just those partaking in the ritual itself but those of whom were watching, kids, family, members of the church etc... And how these tradtions are passed on unknowingly or knowingly just by being there.

It was an awesome opportunity, because as a Samoan living in NZ, we rarely get to see such traditions anymore, so it was a very humbling experience and I took as much in as I could.

Anyways, I hope the photos speak for themselves haha

Enjoy :)